Michigan’s 2nd District

Meet Brian Banks

We all have dreams, but few of us ever realize them. Rarely are talent and tenacity equally present in an individual as they are in Brian Banks. He is an educator, law school graduate, community leader and visionary. Brian Banks has risen to prominence in spiritual, community and academic arenas – against the odds! Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan…

On the Issues

As a former third grade teacher and adjunct professor, I understand every child deserves access to a quality education with adequate resources and supplies. Far too long our teachers and school districts have been asked to do more with less funding. As your State Senator I will fight to end cuts to public education funding…

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            [message] => UNREAL! Despite all of the issues surrounding our water, to no water affordability, the Department of Environmental Quality has approved Nestle to pump 400 gallons per minute of our most precious natural resource - just so they can turn around and sell it for a massive profit. 

What is Nestle paying for all this water, you ask?

A $200 permitting fee. That’s it! But the city of Flint still doesn’t have clean drinking water. Folks across Michigan are having their water turned off due to an inability to pay. And yet, our state is practically giving it away for free to one of Governor Snyder’s corporate buddies. Enough of the greed!

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Representing Detroit, Hamtramck, Harper Woods, Highland Park, and all five Grosse Pointe communities

Fighting for a Stronger

Second District